Why Are There Plenty of Pokies?

Anyone that plays the pokies knows that there are plenty to choose from, which makes the player most pleased. But, not much thought is ever given as to why there are so many of them. When pokies were first created, there were not that many to choose from, compared to what is available today. However, they were as trendy back then, as they are today. There are several different reasons why there are so many choices in the pokies, that bring so much entertainment to gambling enthusiasts in this era.


The technology that is used in pokies today has advanced to far greater levels than the first pokies. This technology is allowing the creators of pokies to do a lot more with these machines. This allows for a lot of variations, which means many more types of pokies can be offered to the players.

The Demand

Pokie players put a lot of expectations on the companies who make the pokies. Players are constantly wanting new challenges when it comes to this type of gameplay. They are insisting on better winning options. This comes from what the manufacturers of pokies can build into the machines, by way of bonuses, and for allowing more player interaction.


There are plenty of on-land casinos, but there are also over a thousand online casinos, many of which offer pokie play for their members. These online casinos are highly competitive. They can only get ahead of their competitors, by offering something better and more exciting, with their pokies. As a result, the designers of pokies are constantly pressured to come out with better and more exciting machines.

Pokie Development; a Growing Industry

Another reason there are plenty of pokies is that there are now a lot more companies that are making the pokie machines. Some of the most well known are:

  • Aristocrat
  • IGT
  • Ainsworth

All of these factors are the reason why there are plenty of pokies.