Some Fun Facts About Pokies

There are many different forms of gambling, and among all of these, one of the most favoured is playing the pokies. Aside from the win, anyone playing these machines, whether on land or online, has their own reasons for doing so.

The Popularity of Pokies

There are many reasons why pokies are so popular, and anyone that enjoys playing them in Australia has plenty of opportunities to do. For the owners and operators of these lucrative machines, they certainly can be a profit maker, and this is one of the reasons why there are so many of them.

Players Perception

Some pokie players are well educated as to what pokies are all about, while others just know that it is their favourite entertainment.

Facts About Pokie Myths

As one can imagine, with pokies being so popular, a lot of myths have arisen over the years. Some people believe firmly in these, and will base the way they play the pokies on them. Some of the myths that have facts to refute them are:

  • A player cannot determine that a pokie is about to pay out the big one by looking at it.
  • There is no strategy for beating the slots.
  • There is no way to practice the pokies to make one a better player.
  • There is no magic time to hit the button on a pokie to create a win.

Interesting Pokie Trivia

Some people are curious about the pokie machines, and there are some interesting facts about them, such as:

  • The Liberty Bell was the first pokie machine ever made.
  • The first Australian pokie machine to be made, was the Clubman in 1953, which is still going strong today.
  • Cash Splash was the first online pokie to be made with a jackpot in 1953.
  • Some of the biggest Australian pokies wins are very impressive. In 2013, the biggest pokie win ever in Australia was realised, coming in at $943,971. Another big win was $350,000.